Supporting Recovery through Sustainable Agriculture


Our farm

Ellsworth Acres is committed to helping our residents in recovery learn how they can: heal their self-worth, be productive members of society and give back to their community and peers. We believe that developing purpose-filled lives is an imperative aspect of the recovery process, in combination with working a program of recovery. Our training program aims to foster residents with tangible skills that are transferable to a multitude of employment opportunities in the larger world.


our impact

Ellsworth Acres follows the principles of the 12 step program. By empowering each individual, the project aims to assist residents in developing life and employment skills. Briermost Foundation is managed by recovering persons with many years of sobriety and experience working with addicted individuals. We work together to elevate women in active recovery through sustainable agriculture.


our students

Our residents have the opportunity to learn from various peer supporters and leaders who are successful in their careers and their recovery journeys. Over the course of a year, a resident will be taken through a rigorous but mindful training program. Our residents work directly with the produce from the infant stages all the way to the marketplace. Additionally, we work with chickens, bees, and in the kitchen developing recipes from what we grow. The residents will obtain skills in budgeting, planning, science, maintenance, record-keeping, bookkeeping, marketing, research and customer-service. We encourage all residents to find their passion in life and pursue their dreams and we look forward to watching them grow.